Charles B. Rangel, still U.S. Representative for New York’s 15th Congressional District (yes, still, having served since 1971), was found guilty of various ethics violations and next will be faced with a possible censure resolution by the House. His numerous dirty deeds have brought him financial gain and power. Now I’m not one to give a pass to those who abuse power and authority, especially when they serve those who elect them, but when, and in which case, do we draw a line in the sand? Will Representative Rangel turn out to be another “Teflon Don” and go about business as usual?
Anthony D. Weiner publicly disgraced himself last year with a sexting scandal that showed (among other things) an egregious lack of sense, decency and judgment. It led to his resignation as a U.S. Representative and left his constituents in the 9th congressional district with mixed feelings. Weiner has recently claimed he has no current plans to return to political life, but speculation is that he might. Should he? Are Weiner’s indiscretions far worse and less forgivable than those of Rangel simply because we’re able to “Google” them repeatedly and randomly? If the answer is yes, then what does that say about us?