As a result of this government shutdown, we heard first that U.S. Veterans of War were nearly blocked from paying their respects on Tues., 10/1 at a World War 2 Memorial. According to the Detroit Free Press today, the risk grows with each passing day of the U.S. government shutdown that veterans’ requests for help will grow further backlogged than they already are, and worse, that disability and pension benefits will be delayed or held back, particularly if the shutdown goes on for weeks or months.

I am proud to be a U.S. citizen and love my country.  My family flies the America flag over the front porch.  I myself nearly “bought it” on 9/11.  I am more proud, grateful and forever humbled by all the sacrifices made by generations of men and women for the U.S., for its citizens, like me, and for what this great nation stands for.  But as I go through my days now I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief and wonder what in the hell U.S. Veterans of any age, gender, race or creed must be thinking?  I’d love to know! Drop me a line if you’d like.

I presume you are disgusted with the government. Beyond that, if you’re thinking that the rest of us are responsible for voting our collective bunch of losers into office as the public servants who represent us, then I guess I’d understand. For that, you have my apologies. I would change this shutdown debacle in a minute if I could. I realize it hurts all of us, directly or indirectly.

“I thank you again for your service.”  I hope this sincere statement will resonate with you, and that it never loses its meaning.Image