It’s no wonder as a kid that I was drawn to the Peanuts characters, Charlie Brown and Linus van Pelt, so ingeniously brought to life by the late Charles M. Schulz.  They were all around good kids, as I aspired to be, as well as fine examples of the importance of having faith and hope.  Despite Lucy pulling that football out of the way every time, Charlie Brown mustered up enough hope to run towards it each time anyway, to no avail. And God bless Linus, I mean really, a “Great Pumpkin?” And yet he believed. Without any tangible proof, he knew he had to speak in positive terms about the Great Pumpkin’s approach, lest he and his very sincere pumpkin patch be passed over.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. And I’ll bet the Great Pumpkin does too.

On a bit of a lighter note, have a safe and happy Halloween.  Here’s a pic of my very own “Lucy” dressed in a witch costume.  Don’t think she is too crazy about the outfit, but she sure does look cute!