How on Earth is it that we’ve got glitter-remains on every table top, and throughout the floors and carpet in each room of the house, despite daily dusting, vacuuming, washing, etc.  Yes, you know, what glitter I’m talking about — the evil kind that adorns our boxed holiday cards this time of year. Good grief, I even noticed it on the inside of my pet carrier yesterday as my cat and I made way to the vet for a checkup.  Poor kitty, as I waited out front, I imagined him in the back of the treatment room — his glittery behind becoming the butt of crude holiday humor.  Oh well, this truly is the least of our problems.

I am trying at this time of year especially to keep it light, and keep it in perspective.  After all a little humor can go a long way in alleviating angst, stress and pain.  This is not the first Christmas that my family has had to “celebrate” so soon after the passing of a loved one. As a child, my grandmother died on Christmas Eve.  How on Earth, I wondered, would we get through that holiday season? Well, we did and I did again, when years later my husband died in December.

I cried out “How on Earth…?” when just about this time last year all those lives were taken so brutally in the Sandy Hook Elementary/Newton, CT massacre.  And, God bless all our military personnel (past and present) and their families.  l really do wonder, after countless years of service in Afghanistan, for example, “How on Earth…?  Fill in the blank. Fathers who miss the birth of their babies.  Mothers who miss their children’s school plays.  Missing out, doing without, making the best of it.

To me, “life goes on” is a necessary evil expression. I find it trite, stupid, in poor taste, awkward, etc., but in the end, it’s true.  So here’s a holiday prayer shout-out that you all will find a peaceful resolution when trying to answer your current How on Earth dilemma?  I also hope you make peace with all the frigin’ glitter-remains in your home.