Sue & Lucy the Dog: Watching Life Unfold & Gettin' It On the Page

All my life, I have had a profound love of and respect for animals of all shapes and sizes.

I have made it a point to advocate for humane education and animal advocacy issues; this includes writing to government officials on behalf of the causes concerning me, volunteering, and blogging about issues like puppy mills, dog fighting, and the use of pregnant mares by pharmaceutical companies to draw urine for making drugs — and making profit. Animals need us to represent them, and I’ve been their voice whenever possible.

I’ve also made it a point to rescue and adopt animals into our home through the years, and all have made me very proud and happy. My current work includes writing for Dogs on Deployment. Military family pets need our support and I help raise awareness. See the YouTube clip below or learn more from my blog at…

In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of working as a certified dog trainer, dog handler, veterinary assistant, and even as a zoo docent handling small, educational animals and conducting exhibit tours. Since my experiences at the zoo, it pains me even more to know that everyday animal species and their habitats dwindle and die off.

Animals have always fascinated and delighted me, and that would include my Lucy, the Jack Russell Terrier pictured below. What more could I say besides, “I Love Lucy!”


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