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Did somebody say chicken wings?? Make mine spicy!


Superbowl 51 (OK — excuuuse me, “Superbowl LI”) will be played this coming Sunday, February 5, 2017. Enough of these Roman numerals. Smart dogs have decent math skills, but come on already.

So Lucy the dog and I were just wondering what some of your favorite foods have been to eat during the Superbowl?

  • chicken wings
  • sliders (tiny burgers, really)
  • pizza
  • chili
  • ribs
  • guacamole and salsa with chips
  • other

We’d love to know if you care to share in the comments?

In our household, during previous Superbowl games, at least one or two of these items has made its way onto the table — followed by Lucy trying to jump onto the table. Just how high can a Jack Russell jump? Four feet and up, easily. And this one has a good running game!

To be fair, Lucy is just as concerned for the Puppy Bowl 2017, to air on Animal Planet. And as an animal lover and supporter of rescue groups and humane education, I have to give everyone involved credit.

All dogs involved in Puppy Bowl 2017 are available for adoption through The Sato Project. WONDERFUL NEWS!! READ MORE:

Come here, you big, beautiful bag of Peanut M&Ms. You know what size, my friends, the “sharing size.” That’s right, let the games begin.

I generally find new year’s resolutions are too lofty and silly. But as 2014 ushered itself in, for whatever reason I found myself thinking I could try to be mindful of habits and lifestyle choices going forward. And so I vowed to watch the “Biggest Loser” on TV without snacking on a bag of extra-salty pretzels for the two hours it airs.  So far, so good. 

The following morning I make it through my workout and become so uber-proud of my small accomplishments that I later run out to meet with the boys and celebrate. No silly, I’m not drinking. Ben and Jerry, those boys. Thankfully, neuroses, logic and guilt prevail by the time I get home. And so, rather than indulging in the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the freezer in my garage instead gets stocked regularly with that offender, where I hope it will stay until the Summer months. I go on to justify swimming laps in the pool should burn enough calories to indulge myself in some good old “Cherry Garcia.” Did I mention I don’t swim?

Well anyway, let’s see… now let me get my Super Bowl snack checklist in order so I make sure we’ve got all the goods for game time Sunday.

Pizza/Chicken Wings/Hot Dogs/Burritos/Soda/Beer/Sunflower seeds/Pumpkin seeds/PotatoChips/Pretzels/Dipping Chips w/Salsa/Guacomole/Snack-size Snickers/Peanut M&Ms

Yep, that looks about right. OK so maybe by next Monday morning I am still in a food coma, bloated with salt, and a few pounds heavier. It’s the SuperBowl, baby! What can you do? I will simply go back to eating the regular sized bag of Peanut M&Ms and call it a day.

Hey, wait, when do the Olympics start??!